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Bob tools along a JockHunter mountain highway on his fast bike A chance encounter Cautiously they check each other out. A knowing gaze is exchanged. Words are unnecessary. Bob knows the hiker is available. The tension of anticipation crackles between the two men. Bob’s machinery is strong, impressive. Bob can dig the idea of making it with the other man. He is confident that his well-muscled body can deliver. Ultimcte pleasure is so near to Bob he can taste it. He will taste it. A heavy sensuality broods beneath Bob’s cool extenor waiting to spring to life. Bob knows of a certain bathhouse in town that will blow Karl away. A long afternoon is before them, promising deep Jock Hunter satisfaction.

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Our reflexes demanded that we reach for each other’s JockHunter joints Mine was already hard. His became so immediately after l stroked its smooth, pulsating warmth. I sank to my knees and tasted the fleshy*skin which covered the inner core of stiffness as it pumped in and out of my moist mouth. His tender, loose genitals lovingly crashed rhythmically below my chin. His legs began to tremble as his joint grew hotter and harder. The floor seemed to quake beneath me as Tony lowered his body next to mine. Once again our tips met before he turned my body against the carpet. I bent at the knees in order to accommodate his impetuous tool with my rear us his loving fingers caressed my own. We were in perfect harmony with each other and with the universe. Our Jock Hunter juices erupted simultaneoulsy. Neither he nor / could prolong our appreciation.

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After that precedent-shattering evening, our JockHunter lives required a total readjustment. But the beauty of it was that we would do it together. Friends warned us that we were growing too dependent upon each other, but love is, after all, blind, and Tony and / were paralyzed with love. For two years of our lives, everything we did. everything we thought about, everything we dreamed about for the future directly inovqlved our collective thoughts..No longer were we . individual beings who were lost in a cold, uncaring world. Even if Tony wasn’t, I was totally committed to our own world, a world full of love. Then, on a rainy night in December, we decided to have a drink at An tone’s Bar. We were friendly with most of the regular customers there and it always picked up our spirits to sit and chat with others who were involved in restructuring their lives.

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An tone introduced us to Graham, who had fust moved to Atlanta from New JockHunter City. He was a charming dude, very intelligent and incredibly attractive. So much so, in fact, that we invited him back to our apartment to spend the night. Neither Tony nor myself had ever been jealous. Not overtly so, although I may have been a little too possessive of him. What two people in Ibve are not possessive? But neither of us were ever threatened by the possibility of an outsider breaking us up. It was in this spirit that the three of us. Tony. Graham and myself made wild, passionate love with each other. Our chemistry was total and it was complemented by the fact that our abandon was ungoverned. To describe the sensations of our bodies is as impossible as duplicating the actual experience itself. We never could recapture what Jock Hunter we felt that evening. Nor all three of us, anyway.

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Tony and Graham didn’t seem to lose their JockHunter appreciation of each other. In fact, their feelings multiplied from that night on. Bur my own feeling was that I wanted Tony hack again without having to share him with anyone else. Tony didn’t realize it but he was simply exercising his independence at my expense tried to explain to hint that Graham was an outsider and that he didn 7 belong as a permanent part of our life together. But after a while, when the physical relationship between Tony and Graham eclipsed our own. my argument was watered down to nothing. It got to the point where ! began to feel like the outsider who was invading the bond between Tony and Graham. As always, whenever Tony and I had a Jock Hunter problem on our minds.

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Tony and I had been living together in Jock Hunter town for almost two years. Acutally, it was longer than that if you include our last year of college together We were roommates. At that time neither of us had any idea in the world we would be lovers. It was the last thing on our minds. But one night, fust after Thanksgiving vacation, it just sort of happened. A force beyond our control seemed to bring us together. Our eyes casually caught each other and neither Tony nor myself could turn our attention elsewhere. He locked the door and our causual stare turned into a riveted gaze. Without so much as a single word of explanation, we moved toward each other and our lips met for the very first time.

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